Dr. Praeger’s Is Now Available in Canada

At Dr. Praeger’s, we love plants and are committed to sensible eating through inspired offerings! Everything we create in our own kitchen starts with no-compromise recipes that help support an active lifestyle. Enjoy these veggie-forward frozen items for the whole family. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options! Find recipes for including our versatile products in skillets, casseroles, wraps, bowls and more here.

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Dr. Praeger's Canada Products

Veggie Burgers

Dr. Praeger’s great-tasting Veggie Burgers contain recognizable ingredients that you can see and feel good about eating.

Hash Browns

Our Hash Browns make a delicious breakfast, side dish or anytime snack.


Littles are a delicious lunch, dinner, or anytime snack for everyone in the family. Parents love Littles because they are a great way for kids to get their veggies.

Look for these certification on Dr. Praeger’s packages:

Look for Dr. Praeger's in Canada at the following stores: