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Perfect Burger

Plant Based Perfection!
Dr. Praeger’s new juicy and delicious Perfect Burger looks and tastes like meat, but is made with veggie-forward ingredients including sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, and beets. It’s soy free, gluten free, vegan and packed with 20g of plant protein.

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OATIES Oatmeal Dippin’ Sticks

Dr. Praeger’s Oaties come in three deliciously dip-able varieties — Chocolate Chip, Blueberry and Original. Ready in minutes for a fun and satisfying meal or snack anytime.

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Veggie Tracker

Do YOU eat enough veggies?
Our FREE 7-day Veggie Tracker will help you determine if you’re eating the USDA’s recommended 3 cups of vegetables a day. You’ll get the tools, tips and motivation to meet that goal in just 7 days, and make it a habit in 21. Join our veggie-loving community!

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Pure Plant Protein

Plant Based Tenders and More!
Dr. Praeger’s Pure Plant Protein line includes 3 delicious varieties of Chick’n Tenders — Classic, Buffalo, and BBQ — as well as a Veggie Burgers, Meatless Sausage, and Veggie Nuggets. All of these vegan, soy and gluten-free frozen items are high in protein and loaded with up to seven veggies!

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Veggie Burgers

Our Veggie Burgers are a delicious and sensible food choice for any meal occasion. Cook them on the grill, in a skillet, or in the oven or toaster oven. There are no fillers, just a fresh and tasty veggie burger “where you recognize all the ingredients.”

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Dr. Praeger's frozen meals huevos rancheros


Dr. Praeger’s quick and healthy bowls are all you need for a nutritious meal anytime and on the go!

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Kale Puffs from Dr. Praeger's


Our Veggie Puffs are a versatile side your whole family will love. Made with veggies you won’t find in your average puff, these will surely become a family favorite.

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Sweet Potato Little


Our family of Littles are sure to help your fussiest eater enjoy their veggies!

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Spinach Cake


Our savory Veggie Cakes taste like you spent hours preparing them from scratch. Instead, we do all the peeling and chopping for you to deliver delicious, fresh tasting, crispy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside veggie cakes in just minutes.

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Four Potato Hash Browns

Hash Browns

We dare you to find tastier or more exciting Hash Browns in your grocery store today. From our Four Potato Hash Browns made with 4 types of potatoes, to our spicy Southwest Hash Browns, your breakfasts will never be the same again.

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Lightly Breaded Fish Sticks


We prepare our Fish Sticks and Fish Fillets using the finest, sustainably caught, wild Alaskan Pollock. Lightly breaded in seasonings & crumbs, our Seafood products cook up quickly — crispy and golden on the outside and flaky and moist on the inside. There are no added fillers or excessive breading to mask the great flavor.

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We offer an entire line of sensible products your children will love to eat! With a range of options including gluten free, vegetarian, and even fish sticks, our kids items are easy to make, and bursting with flavor. They are sure to become your children’s new favorites!

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Organic children's foods from Dr. Praeger's


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Explore Our Story

It’s not every day a couple of doctors launch a health food company. Explore 20+ years of our unique family history.

A Fish Named Ungar

Dr. Peter Praeger and Dr. Eric Somberg, best friends and practice partners, agreed to help out a patient’s family member by purchasing Ungar’s Gefilte Fish.

Why Fish is Delish

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Two years after buying Ungar’s the partners set out on a new path, to introduce a line of better for you products they would feel comfortable recommending to their own patients.

Explore Our Food

“Goin’ Back to Cali”

In 1996, our California Burger hit the shelves. Our most popular burger was born.

Try This West Coast Dish

Proud to be Non-GMO

From the beginning, our values were clear. Only use real recognizable, Non-GMO ingredients—and this was long before most people knew what we were talking about!

Dedication to Clean Eating

Movin' on Up

After a few years of growing pains, Dr. Praeger’s relocated to a larger building on the other side of town. They had a growing business on their hands!

Meet the Littles

On this foundation, the brand continued to win over fans and grow. Kid-friendly Littles were introduced.

Find Your Favorite

Giving Back

In 2008, we forged a relationship with God’s Love We Deliver, New York City metropolitan area’s leading provider of nutritious, individually-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

Our Values

Meet the new Leadership Team

Raised in the family business, Larry, Adam, and Danielle, take the helm.

Our Values Page

20 Years and Counting

In 2014, we celebrated our twenty year anniversary!

What People are Saying.

What's New

Look for Dr. Praeger’s new Perfect Burger and Perfect Turk’y Burger as we take plant-based foods in a new and delicious direction!

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