3 Tips for Traveling While on a Plant-Based Diet

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As COVID 19 vaccination efforts increase, more and more people will be able to begin traveling again for leisure. One of the outcomes of this past year of lockdowns and quarantines is that people were given much more time to truly examine their diets and experiment. Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers and other frozen foods were often a part of many people’s journeys towards adopting a plant-based diet.

Selecting the best meals for your taste buds and your health at home is one thing, but what about when you’re on the road (or in the air)?

Here are our simple tips for eating a plant-based diet while traveling.

#1 – Always Bring Plant Based Snacks / Pack Your Own Food

Traveling takes many different forms. Regardless of what your trip looks like, chances are you’ll be either driving or flying there. In the case of flying, you can rely on the offerings of the airline of your choice, but that’s not a foolproof plan.

This leaves us to a particularly important lesson when considering your dietary needs—never leave things to chance. You don’t want to be stuck between starving or choosing a meal that you’ll regret. Many airlines are friendly to vegan/plant-based needs, but you never know when unexpected circumstance arise that may cause the availability of certain foods to temporarily change.

Airlines, cruises, and resorts do their best to accommodate everyone’s eating preferences, but it is often during those unexpected moments where we slip or find ourselves without a suitable plant-based option to allay our hunger. When on vacation there are often new food to try, not to mention disrupted eating schedules, so there are plenty of opportunities to be hungry between the standard mealtimes, or late at night.

It should come as no surprise that we make our worst food choices when we’re hungry, so packing a healthy plant-based snack such as nuts and/or fruit can help you avoid choices you may regret.

#2 – Look at Restaurant Menus Ahead of Time

It wouldn’t be much of a vacation if you didn’t at least go out once to a nice restaurant or eatery that is unique to the location, would it?

We’ve all been in this situation: you get to the restaurant and look at the menu. There are so many options, but trying to pick out the plant-based ones that are right for you are starting to quickly dwindle the list down to a few things. If you’re trying to get in shape or build muscle, you may be considering other factors such as the macronutrient profile of the meal you’re choosing or how much protein it has, etc.

Taking a peek at the menu before you arrive at your destination—or even better, having an idea of what vegan/vegetarian restaurants your locale has to offer beforehand can save you a lot of worry or frustration. Mealtime should be fun!

When in doubt, call ahead! When you call ahead you have the opportunity to ask about plant-based protein substitutes and other items that might not be listed on the online menu. Your call also lets restaurants know that plant-based foods are on high demand which is always helpful for their future menu planning.

#3 – Eat the Local Plant Based Dishes

The wonderful thing about traveling—especially to different countries—is that it offers an opportunity to experience other cultures and their cuisines. One of the amazing things about a plant-based diet is that most countries and cuisines have plant-based offerings that are unique to their location.

Just about every country has plant-based dishes that that are part of a longstanding culinary tradition unique to that culture. The plants, spices, and herbs that they use are also typically local. You don’t even necessarily need to travel internationally to experience this. You can likely find authentic cuisines even if you don’t travel far from home.

Best Plant Based Veggie Burgers

Traveling is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and try new cuisines.

Dr. Praeger’s is no stranger to learning from the strengths of other cuisines when making our products, such as our Korean Burger reminiscent of Korean Bibimbap, our Asian Burger which prominently features a blend of Asian cuisine staples such as soy sauce, roasted garlic, and ginger. Or how about the Tex Mex Burger which is an ode to the Southwest’s love affair with Jalapeno and chili peppers, black beans, and corn.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to drop us a line, feel free to contact us today!