3 Advantages of Eating Smaller Meals

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Frozen food companies get a bad rap for producing calorie-dense meals and large portion sizes. This is definitely not the case with our products! Did you know you can boost your metabolism by eating smaller meals?

At Dr. Praeger’s we pay close attention to portion sizes, and the majority of our products are under 500 calories per serving. Studies show that having 4-5 small meals a day can improve overall metabolism making it easier to manage body weight. Less frequent large meals are linked to weight gain and a slower metabolism. Dr. Praeger’s takes the science behind nutrition into consideration when creating our products and their portions sizes. We take pride in producing great quality meals with wholesome ingredients and adequate portions sizes.

1 – Staying Lean Made Easy

Most people would like to be in better shape or achieve a healthier weight. The general population would simply love to enjoy an active lifestyle and keep the pounds off without too much stress or worry about watching everything they eat.

The majority of the American population unknowingly exceeds the amount of recommended daily calories on most days. Most Americans should be eating smaller meals

Why does this happen? We live in a fast-paced environment where fast and easy-to-make foods are extremely popular. The majority of take out fast food and frozen foods are engineered ONLY for taste. They are calorie-dense meals that add a lot of calories to your diet without any of the nutritious and filling qualities of fiber and protein. Since these foods lack protein and fiber you end up needing MORE food to help you stay satiated.

Some of our heartier meals such as our Four Potato Hash Browns come in under 500 calories yet still clock a whopping 13 grams of digestion aiding fiber. This means you get a tasty meal that will fill you up without feeling slumped or overly full after.

2 – It Can Help Prevent the Dreaded Afternoon Slump

The afternoon slump is something many people experience some time after lunchtime. It’s typically felt the strongest during workdays where many people tend to skip breakfast to get to work on time. They ride high on caffeine from a cup or two of coffee and when lunchtime rolls around—they’re starving. After eating a hefty lunch, they crash hard.

This is the afternoon slump in a nutshell. It is more likely to happen when individuals eat out for lunch and choose heavy portions such as meals from restaurants or quick pickups like takeout or pizza.

The result is clear, a massive spike in blood sugar that—while initially feels good, quickly leaves you feeling groggy, sluggish, and ready for a nap. Smaller, filling meals can assist in keeping blood sugar levels much more controlled throughout the day, leaving you with more energy and feeling your best.

Moral of the story? Avoid skipping meals! Have breakfast and try to avoid going more than 5 hours without fuel during the day. Dr. Praeger’s provides plenty of breakfast options to help you have a nutritious, filling breakfast every day!

3 – It Keeps You Ready for Action!

We probably all suffered the unpleasant effects of bloating or trying to exercise on a full stomach. However, old sayings of waiting 30 minutes before getting into the water after a meal may not be enough.

Studies show that a large meal—especially if it’s high in fat, can take several hours to make its way through your digestive system. This is also one of the chief reasons why large meals can leave you feeling sluggish, they consume a large amount of energy to digest and draw a great deal of blood flow to the digestive system. If you’re active right after, you may find yourself experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as cramps or indigestion. This may deter you from exercising or limit your time window for fitting in exercise in your day.

The Dr. Praeger’s food philosophy is not just about eating healthy and delicious meals, it’s about fueling your lifestyle and having the energy to meet the day’s demands—whether you’re 5 or 95!

Dr. Praeger’s Purely Sensible Foods

Eating well doesn’t have to be difficult; It’s our mission to bring healthy and delicious frozen food to the public. If you have any questions about Dr. Praeger’s food products or would like to bring Dr. Praeger’s to a store near you, please contact us today!